In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, enterprises are increasingly turning to AI technologies to enhance their processes, decision-making, and overall productivity. However, deploying and monitoring these AI models in the real world poses significant challenges. Models can falter, perpetuate biases, and introduce ethical concerns, necessitating robust monitoring solutions. Enter VIANOPS – a groundbreaking monitoring platform designed to meet the complex demands of AI-forward enterprises.


Unleashing the Power of High-Scale Monitoring

VIANOPS empowers data scientists and MLOps teams to manage highly complex and feature-rich ML models that drive business operations. Our high-scale monitoring capabilities allow users to confidently analyze complex details that may impact model performance. Whether it’s tens of thousands of predictions per second, hundreds of features and segments, or millions of transactions across multiple time windows, VIANOPS can efficiently identify and solve problems before they degrade model performance.

Not at the level of high-scale monitoring yet? Not a problem. VIANOPS meets data science and ML teams where they are – we provide a platform that is scalable to meet our customers’ needs over time. With VIANOPS, enterprises have a long-term solution that grows with model operations complexity and scale, while always remaining affordable.

Three Critical Assets, One Comprehensive Solution

The platform monitors three critical assets – input data, output data, and ground truth data – to ensure model performance aligns with expectations. By analyzing changes or drifts in these distributions, VIANOPS detects when significant deviations occur. Users can set threshold parameters, and smart alerts are triggered when distributions drift beyond acceptable limits. This allows for proactive investigation, retraining, and deployment of improved models. The platform also offers automation capabilities through APIs and a Python SDK for seamless detection and retraining of models.

Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Fairness

Bias perpetuation and unfair practices are common concerns in AI models. VIANOPS provides robust capabilities, including Root Cause Analysis, to identify patterns and monitor for even the slightest changes in large datasets. By enabling data scientists and ML engineers to take timely mitigation actions, VIANOPS minimizes the risk of model degradation and incorrect outcomes. This ensures fairness and reliability in AI-driven decision-making.

Accessible Scalability at Low Cost

One of VIANOPS’ key differentiators is its ability to monitor complex AI models at scale without requiring expensive infrastructure investments. Enterprises can deploy and monitor the most advanced models, including Large Language Models (LLMs), without exceeding their budgets. This accessibility democratizes AI, making it available to a wide range of enterprises, regardless of their size or resources.

Adapting to AI Model Evolution

The AI landscape is evolving at a breakneck speed, with new model types emerging rapidly. VIANOPS is designed to support a diverse range of models, from traditional tabular data-based models to cutting-edge LLMs, Generative AI models, and computer vision models. By providing dedicated monitoring capabilities for these highly error-prone models, VIANOPS ensures performance, reliability, and ethical usage throughout their lifecycle.

Best-in-Class User Experience

VIANOPS not only excels in its monitoring capabilities but also offers a user experience that sets it apart from other platforms. With a focus on design, the platform invokes trust and confidence in users. It features easily-digestible graphs, intuitive dashboards, and clear language to provide comprehensive insights into model performance. Smart alerts enable rapid involvement and action across teams, fostering collaboration and efficient problem-solving.

Seamless Integration, Enhanced Security

Integration is a critical aspect for enterprises when it comes to monitoring AI models. VIANOPS addresses this by offering seamless integration into various APIs, data sources, MLOps platforms, and collaboration tools. It ensures data security by allowing enterprises to maintain control over their sensitive machine learning data, without compromising on automation and efficiency. VIANOPS adapts to each company’s unique workflow, integrating effortlessly into their existing systems.

Looking Ahead

As companies increasingly rely on complex ML models to drive their core business operations, the need for effective model monitoring becomes paramount. VIANOPS caters to this emerging demand by providing a comprehensive, scalable, and user-friendly platform. With its focus on high-scale monitoring, bias mitigation, low cost, and seamless integration, VIANOPS is at the forefront of revolutionizing AI model monitoring. It empowers enterprises to unlock the true potential of AI while ensuring fairness, reliability, and productivity gains across all organizational roles.

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