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Vianai Systems is a Human-Centered AI (H+AI) platform and products company launched in 2019 to address the unfulfilled promise of enterprise AI. While AI has made rapid and notable recent advancements, the significant potential to bring AI to enterprises worldwide remains untapped. To address this gap, Vianai brings a variety of products to enterprise customers, via its H+AI Platform, including VIANOPS among other products. H+AI is the foundation that underpins all of the work we do at Vianai, all of the products we build, and how we work with customers – a foundation built on our values that AI should be responsible and reliable.

VIANOPS, our ML monitoring platform brings high-performance ML operations at scale across the enterprise, to enable detailed monitoring, root-cause analysis, retraining, and model validation in a continuous loop across large, complex, feature-rich models – ensuring models, even 100s or 1000s of models with large feature sets and large transaction volumes, are trustworthy, explainable and transparent.

Vianai works with many of the largest and most respected organizations in the world. The company is made up of experienced technologists, mathematicians, data scientists, designers and makers, and includes an advisory board of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and luminaries from business, technology and academia.

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